Pazuzu - Regan

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Pazuzu - Regan, 2021
A Mixed Media by Richard Sele

No editions of this artwork are available


"The Exorcist" is the most terrifying book and movie I've seen. This scratchboard piece "Pazuzu-Regan" depicts the demon that took hold of the young girl Regan. Pazuzu is the Assyrian/Babylonian demonic god who was most popular in the 1st Millennium BCE. This aside, while reading about exorcism prior to and while doing this piece, I learned some startling truths. In 2020 a priest conducted an exorcism in a Portland area park to rid it of evil following a mix of peaceful protests and violent riots. That same day an Archbishop 600 miles south conducted the rite at a church to rid the site of evil after protestors toppled a religious statue. Exorcisms have surged worldwide since the 1980s. Professor Andrew Chesnut, an exorcism expert, stated that the traditional rite (as in the movie) has become so common that many priests conduct it via cell phone. A university in Rome is approved by the Vatican to train priests on exorcism. The author of an "Atlantic" article on the subject said, "Nearly every Catholic exorcist I spoke with cited a history of abuse, in particular, sexual abuse, as a major doorway for demons." A priest told him, "As many as 80% of the people who come to him seeking an exorcism are sexual-abuse survivors. According to these priests, sexual abuse is so traumatic that it creates a kind of 'soul wound' that makes a person more vulnerable to demons."

Available Editions

Limited Edition | Scratchboard, 8" x 10" x 0"

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