Duality Angel

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Duality Angel, 2022
A Photograph by Pamela Latour

No editions of this artwork are available


The Duality Angel
She hides her wings, pretending to be human but you can see it in her eyes that she's not. Looking up she sees flowers,
butterflies and joy. Looking down she sees darkness, drama and thorns. Both sides are alive and interesting and she came here to experience both. She is the Duality Angel. Understanding that one cannot exist without the other she walks through life in gratitude for the light and the shadow. Call on this Angel for the deepest meaning of who we are and what we are meant to do in this life. The Duality Angel's message is that you are The Light of the World. --Pamela Latour

Available Editions

Duality Angel | Mixed, 21" x 0" x 0"

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