Who's Responsible? The Grassy Knoll Revisited

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Who's Responsible? The Grassy Knoll Revisited, 2021
A Painting by Warren Scherer

No editions of this artwork are available


Artists and musicians have been blamed by right-wing conservative and fundamentalist religious groups for incidents (crime, suicide) occurring as a result of the supposed influence that their work has over the perpetrator(s). In "Who's Responsible?: The Grassy Knoll Revisited", the Kennedy assassination is re-evaluated in the context of abstract expressionism, an artistic movement that was at its peak in the 1950's and mid 60's.

For these same conspiracy-minded groups, the evidence that the art of the abstract expressionist, Jasper Johns, influenced the assassin(s) is compelling. Hidden within the painting "Numbers" (1958) is the assassination date of 11/22. Johns' "Target with Four Faces" (1955) carries a premonition of an unknown shooter and a "blood-smeared" depiction of Texas in the painting "Map" (1961) predicts the aftermath. Finally, Johns' post-assassination complimentary color flag ("Flags", 1965) provides a new distortion of 1960's American symbolism and values.