Cradle II.

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Cradle II. , 2022
A Painting by Christopher B Mooney

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In these uncertain times, we could all benefit from a good cuddling. The current state of affairs threatens the security of families, increases feelings of fear and mistrust and erodes our sense of community. Cuddling is offered as an antidote to the negative influences of the financial and social chaos in our daily lives.
Definition of cuddling:
cud-ling (kud'ling)
v. tr. to hug tenderly
v. intr. to nestle; snuggle
n. the act of cuddling; a prolonged hug or embrace in a comfortable position
Cuddling has both physical and mental health benefits;
- increased levels of oxytocin which promotes bonding, increases trust, reduces fear, decreases the effects of drug withdrawal, increases feelings of love, empathy, and connection to others
-reduces blood pressure, has a calming effect, lifts the mood of the cuddlers and contributes to a more positive outlook.
Community Participation.
I created a series of paintings of people willing to cuddle who are not shy of the artist with a camera, it was in the hopes of an art gallery show of paintings an event of people cuddling on large couches or large sofas.

Available Editions

Limited Edition | Oil on canvas, 54" x 42" x 1"