Shawntel Dorenkamp | Artist

Tilly Dorenkamp



Artist Statement

My art is inspired by my belief that masculinity is toxic in many areas of the lives of people in American culture today. An example would be the statement that "boys don't cry".
I am an ally and activist to various communities that are considered the unusual or outcasts of American society.
I believe my art is my voice, and I use it stand with the feminine male, the queer community.


Tilly Dorenkamp grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been a Florida resident for twelve years
She studied graphic design at Pensacola Christian College.
Tilly raised three sons. She worked as an account executive for a bank for a large part of her career, only painting occasionally.
She decided to make art a full time career eight years ago,after the sudden death of her father.
Tilly's accomplishments include teaching basic acrylic classes and watercolor classes.
She has displayed and sold her artworks throughput the United States.

Exhibition History (CV)

It's Complicated: An Exploration of Human Relationships
House of Shadows
August 2022
DREAMS @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
July 2022
Cock: Deconstructing Masculinity
House of Shadows
June 2022