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Artist Statement

Currently I am an exhibiting artist at The Denver Art Society and most recently at the R Gallery in Boulder Colorado as a member of the Boulder Art Association. At the beginning of the Covid Pandemic in 2020, I developed and designed the website for the Denver Art Society. At a time when people felt an overall disconnect, the site offered this Artist community a sense of place, and has continued to service DAS for the past two years.

My focus is in fine arts and crafts. My mediums are Acrylic paints, Oil Pastel, Markers. graphite and ink, mixed media Encaustic and image transfer, Lino prints and photography. I enjoy using digital applications to composite my work for 2D prints and alternative prints like Cyanotypes, and Vandykes.

I possess a love for the tactile and have my hands in Jewelry making, sculptural modeling with wire armatures to creation otherworldly dioramas and fantasy containers.
I have a passion for the making due to my many creative interests and inspirations. Jennifer is inspired by the works of artists such as Hans Ruedi Giger, Vivian Myers, Albrecht Dürer and Maxwell Perish.

My intent as an artist, is to provide a whimsical journey into a world of juxtaposition and the ironic. I encourage the observer to suspend stereotypical judgements and embrace the "What If."


Jennifer Willoughby's art and creative voice reflects a playful light and dark exploration of the whimsical nature of existentialism, with the intention to create Surreal Dreamscapes and Visual Poetry.

Jennifer explores and provokes a sense of irony, a journey into whimsical and often disturbing juxtapositions, which encourages the viewer to suspend literal judgements and embrace the absurd "What If."

This promising artist is exhibiting at The Denver Art Society and most recently at the Influx Gallery in Notting Hill London.

Exhibition History (CV)

Autumn Colors
October 2022
Contrast: Life In Black & White
August 2022