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Artist Statement

I'm always been a believer in trying new things no matter how scary it may seem. And even if people don't like what you have to offer, you had it out there for people to see; that shows a type of bravery that no one can take away from you. Art was founded on such a principle. Using my lessons I've learned thus far to put out into the world my creations, that's exactly what I plan to do. Art is a subjective matter and certain pieces will resonate with some people and not with others, but that is a risk. Even for the people who don't resonate with certain subject matters, they can see your skill set.
A love of learning inspires new techniques and seeing what other artists can do. Learning is something that is constant, and I want to show people my progression as an artist through my paintings and through my portrait drawings as well.


Originally from New Jersey, I transplanted to California when I was in my twenties with my son. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts but through some career changes, I had to put my art to the side for a while. Finally, I started revising it a couple years ago and I wanted to try new things with contrast lighting.

Originally I was a graphite portrait artist and I decided to expand. I explored colored pencil and watercolor and then acrylic painting, which seems to be more my niche. Did a lot of pop art and comic art paintings that had a lot of popularity, but something was missing and I decided to do more original works that were coming from my imagination. As much as I love color I did like the high contrast and focus on texture that black and white brings to the table. I also wanted to dive into more of a intense light with these particular black and white pieces, Caravaggio was a big influence when I was in college and I liked how he did spotlight illumination.

I'm pleased and excited that people resonate with my pieces. The idea of having others see my work, not only to enjoy but also to relate to on a mental or emotional level is enlightening to me.

Exhibition History (CV)

Contrast: Life In Black & White
August 2022