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Artist Statement

I create for the joy of creation; my intention is greater self-understanding and inspiring connection, healing, and growth in sharing the works. I strongly believe that we exist on many levels, the physical is just one part of our wholeness. All parts are connected and influence each other; health, happiness, and vitality are the natural result of acknowledging and integrating all parts of our being. Art is a powerful means of uniting the seen and unseen; it opens a door in the conscious mind to the subconscious in which we may discover more of ourselves. As an artist I seek to reduce internal resistance and societal stigmatization that prevents or creates barriers to seeing support for and pursuing mental and emotional well-being.


I have created art since I was two years old. At first it began with pages full of tiny bugs drawn in crayon; 29 years later, I now create in a variety of mediums, colorful, surreal, and symbolic pieces. My art is an expression of my inner world and inner journey; it is one of my greatest joys to be engaged in creative works. For me, creating art is a spiritual experience and is an indispensable part of my spiritual practice. It has been indispensable in my recovery from addiction and the many challenges life brings. Drugs and alcohol reduced and restricted my ability to be creative, I simply lost the ability to access my creative source. Also, the induced lack of ability to focus, plan, or demonstrate consistency in mood or intention made any ambition to create a fleeting consideration unable to be actualized.
Admittedly, some of the altered mind states and distorted perceptions proved fruitful and stimulating when reflected on with a sober mind. The fragility of perception and identity drugs made clear, the process of recovery was one of transformation, expanding perception that has brought endless inspiration and creative energy; the results speak for themselves in my art. The art displayed in this show was completed during my process of achieving sobriety, which lasted many years, with periods of abstinence and relapse. Some of the pieces were partially drawn in rehabilitation centers, halfway homes for those in recovery, and even homeless shelters.
The frequent relocation, uprooting, and limited personal space required a medium that could be transported easily, required little space to actively works or store, and no dry time or mess. This is what led me to begin working with prismacolor markers which I had previously used only once years before. Fortunately, with over 6 years sober, my life has achieved far more stability enabling me to return to utilizing paints and other media. Most recently I have begun silversmithing and creating custom jewelry. A series of synchronicities naturally led me to this new media; and I am enjoying immensely learning the craft.

Exhibition History (CV)

Hallucinations & Medications
House of Shadows
September 2022