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Sasha Fofanova



Artist Statement

Every stroke speaks stories, emotions in color. Unique, inspired, connecting hearts.
I'm inspired by life's moments, connected to emotions, creating art that speaks truth, unique stories in every brushstroke. My art conveys love, hope, and the beauty in everyday life, with a style that embraces diversity and change


Sasha Fofanova, a talented artist hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia. And now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, her creative journey has been shaped by her roots and life experiences, although she only started positioning herself as an artist in early 2022
In Sasha's captivating artworks, people are brought to life through brights colors. Each piece reflects her personal life, hobbies, and unique experiences, creating a truly authentic and engaging collection. When she paints a portrait of a person, she studys him .. and try to tell about him in her work. Like a fairy tale .. layer by layer .. chapter to chapter
As an avid athlete since childhood, Sasha has cultivated numerous hobbies that infuse her art with energy and dynamism. Her preferred mediums are watercolor and digital art. In fact, her digital works are crafted with such care that they are printed in limited editions, ensuring each piece remains an original masterpiece.
Sasha's art delves into the concept of life, both her own and those around her. She skillfully captures the complexities of human existence, conveying them in a language that is accessible and relatable to all. By exploring her art's depths, viewers can uncover a reflection of themselves, inviting a profound connection and introspection.

Exhibition History (CV)

SMALL WORKS @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
December 2023
PASSIONS @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
October 2023
Five Deuces Galleria
August 2023
Nationwide Call for WINE BOTTLE LABEL ART
Five Deuces Galleria
May 2023
ALL THINGS FLORIDA @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
February 2023
SMALL WORKS @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
December 2022