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Artist Statement

Artist Statement
As a tonalist landscape artist, My work is a conscious play of light, mood, and color. I showcase the sentiment of sublime nature and the emotive impact it has on our emotions. My use of natural light and mastery of color create an aura of emotion that captivates my audience and carries with them a sense of tranquility. My work portrays the intimate beauty of the environment, giving life to a new perspective. While each painting may be simplistic in its color palate, it is full of emotion and moody vibes. I maintain soft atmospheric edges while focusing on the tone and more importantly the emotion that lies within my artwork. Through my art, I hope to engage the audience and trigger their own


Artist Bio
Larry has been in the creative arts for most of his life. While serving in the US Navy, he advanced his photographic skills while visiting and traveling throughout Europe. Soon after he returned back home to the foothills of Pennsylvania, he attended the Chautauqua Art Institute and studied under the renowned artist George Gambsky. After which, he developed a successful and thriving photographic art business.
Larry became so fond of his photographic portraiture and natural landscapes, he began painting his subjects instead of photographing them. After many years of learning how to paint and finding his voice, he discovered the style of Tonalism and has been in love with it ever since.

Exhibition History (CV)

COLLECTIONS @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
June 2024
NATURE'S BEAUTY @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
May 2024
ALL THINGS FLORIDA (3) @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
February 2024