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Gary Greer



Artist Statement

In my creative journey, illustration and photography form the cornerstone of my artistic foundation. With over three decades of experience as a prolific Photoshop artist, I've honed my skills to seamlessly blend various mediums, crafting narratives that transcend traditional boundaries.

For me, digital artwork is more than just a visual representation; it's a vessel for ideas, a conduit through which imagination breathes life into the extraordinary. Each piece I create is a journey into the realms of the unconventional, offering viewers a glimpse into worlds with a distinct twist, a deviation from the ordinary.

Combining my background in illustration and photography with my mastery of digital manipulation, I strive to tell stories that captivate and challenge perceptions. Through careful composition and meticulous attention to detail, I invite audiences to explore the intersections between reality and imagination, to question the limits of what is possible.

I invite you to join me on a journey through the realms of the unexpected. Through a fusion of illustration, photography, and digital artistry, I aim to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and inspire wonder. Welcome to a world where the norm is redefined, and imagination knows no bounds.


Creativity pulses through Gary's very being, an inseparable aspect of his identity. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the esteemed Kansas City Art Institute, he ventured into the realm of commercial illustration, photography and design, extending his creative reach to serve a diverse clientele ranging from corporations to publications and advertising agencies. Gary's exceptional talent and groundbreaking innovation have garnered an impressive collection of accolades, including over sixty Addy Awards within the advertising industry. Gary's fine art compositions and prints are displayed in office lobbies and esteemed private collections alike, a testament to the enduring resonance of his artistic vision.

Exhibition History (CV)

House of Shadows
April 2024
Five Deuces Galleria
March 2024