Robert Chris Hardman | Artist

Robert Chris Hardman



Artist Statement

I work in photography as I have always been drawn to the photographic image.
I would describe my work to date as rudimentary in subject matter and approach, simplistic and truthful.
I tend to Isolate and elevate a simple subject. Staging with  a sense of classical or romantic beauty portrayed through light,  balance and form.   I've often thought of some of my work as visual haiku's.  To convey much through a minimum of subject or setting seems to be  a natural tendency of mine.
Studio work is created strategically with the use of constant spot and pen lighting. The desire is to stage the final image before a single shot is taken.  Work outside of the studio employs the same approach to a subject although relying more on post processing techniques to obtain the desired outcome. 
I enjoy titling my work. The title is sometimes driven by a thought or feeling which initiates the work.    Sometimes the title comes afterwords, but regardless, the title seems important to me.
I hope you enjoy


Exhibition History (CV)

Not Your Father's Art Show
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
May 2024