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Artist Statement

Christa Joyner Moody has interests in different cultures, travel, psychology, anthropology and spirituality. Her images, which align most closely with street photography, are reflective of her own personal interactions, understandings and compassion for her subjects and the places she visits. Christa seeks to know her subjects on a deeper, more intimate level often capturing the uniqueness of a subject not always apparent on the surface or at first glance. Her images invite the viewers into a more private interaction or narrative in which deeper human connection, spirituality, emotion, compassion and understanding can be experienced.
Christa has traveled extensively through the United States, Central America, Europe and Southeast Asia in search of both the mundane and the exotic. Regardless of where she has gone, she has found the human condition to be universal and has captured the same aura of humanity in Times Square and a Cambodian temple. Often shooting her art photography in black and white, she seeks to convey timeless tales that focus on her empathy towards the subject and allow the viewer to interpret deeper meaning for themselves.


Christa Joyner Moody is a photographer that grew up in Texas where she spent her early years in her grandparents’ art studio watching them paint and create. She credits her grandparents for encouraging her to visually explore, question and gain understanding of the world around her. As a young child she enjoyed drawing, painting and ceramics and later in college dabbled in sculpture. In her early teens she was given her first camera and has been photographing her life, experiences and explorations ever since.
She received both her B.A. in Photo-communications from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas and her Masters in Art Education from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.
Christa has shown extensively in the Tampa Bay Area as well as Texas and Vermont. Her photographs are in private collections including those in New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Florida. She has also been the recipient of many awards both from the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts and The Tampa Regional Artist.
Christa has taught photography and art in Houston, Texas and Reston, Virginia. Currently she is a full time photographer and artisan residing in the Tampa Bay area since 2001 with her husband and three children.

Exhibition History (CV)

Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
June 2021
Out of the Dark
House of Shadows
May 2021
House of Shadows
March 2021
Not Your Father's Art Show 2021
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
March 2021
Masquerade: The Demon Under the Mask
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
October 2020
Unrest: Images of Protest and Reform
Pour Yours
October 2020
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
September 2020
Ego: A Creative Self-Portraiture Showcase
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
July 2020