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Dawn Pratt



Artist Statement

Creating art has been a part of my soul for a long time. I am a self taught mixed media visual artist. Visual texture intrigues me. Mixed media and abstracts allow me to use a variety of material and techniques to create that visual texture. Working intuitively, I surrender to the moment, letting the materials guide me as I build layer after layer. My goal is to invite the viewer to look, and then maybe look again more closely, to delve deep into those layers. In doing so, there is an act of discovery for each viewer to uncover their own intangible memories, connections and dreams.


Dawn Pratt is a self-taught artist who has created art as long as she can remember. As a Florida native, she has always lived in the sunshine. She likes to work with bright, bold colors in a variety of mediums including mixed median, painting, collage and printmaking. In 2018, she earned a degree in Digital Media Art/Graphic Design from St. Petersburg College which enables her to further her art career.

Exhibition History (CV)

MIXED MEDIA @ Five Deuces Galleria
Five Deuces Galleria
June 2023