Jean Sheridan | Artist

Jean Sheridan



Artist Statement

My spirit wants to play, and my responsibility is to show up and allow it the time and space for playful mediation grounded in improvisation. Once I answered the call to paint, I found the supportive resources that mattered most. Authenticity is important, and I seek out other artists, art teachers, and a private art coach who honor my authentic voice while helping me grow as an artist. It is a process of expressing my emotions on canvas and allowing the paint to respond. Through this journey there is a transmuting of energy that takes place and I am discovering that by sharing my work with others it has the ability to transmute the energy within them too.


Jean has an MS degree from Syracuse University and works as a Professional Life Coach helping people live their authentic life. She works with clients all over the world. In 2009 to manager her own stress she began taking improv classes which led to acting classes, and work as a local actor and improvisor.
Jean has worked in many mediums but prefers acrylic on watercolor paper to express her creative concepts. She is a resident of Florida and recently began showing her work in galleries.

Exhibition History (CV)

Vulva - Deconstructing Femininity
House of Shadows
July 2021
Joy: An Art Exhibition Celebrating Life
Pour Yours
June 2021
The Invented Self
House of Shadows
June 2021