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Madie Gotshall



Artist Statement

Liminality, or the in-between, is a compelling force in my body of work. Much of my life has been spent in transitional places which are simulated through the choice of material, color, and composition. As I enter the adulthood stage of my life, I am suffocated by countless standards set by generations before me and also set by myself. Navigating my own life is challenging. I have spent many moments contemplating the emotional familiarity of being "in-between" and learning how to cope with undesirable moments and commemorate transitions of growth through my development of creation. This idea is experienced through infinite situations and reaches every potential audience member, as liminality is faced in all walks of life physically and emotionally.


Madie Gotshall currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is a recent graduate from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in Textiles and Material Studies and a BS in Art Education from May of 2021. Gotshall is primarily a painter but utilizes other mediums such as drawing and fibers. Her body of work is responsive to the human experience and focuses on the psychological phenomena that correspond with daily life. Much of her work circulates around numerous interpretations of liminality and the impact it has on a range of circumstances. Gotshall has received several awards and scholarships including the David Lehman Scholarship, the Pawling Excellence in Craft Award, the Stimmel Scholarship, the 2021 Outstanding Student Award, and multiple talent grants provided by Kutztown University. Her work has been exhibited in Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, and numerous online sources and publications.

Exhibition History (CV)

New Year / New Works
Five Deuces Galleria
January 2022