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Scarlett Weissman



Artist Statement

Penumbra (noun) - The transitional space describing transfiguration between conditions

Pareidolia (noun) - the tendency for perception to impose interpretation upon nebulous visual stimuli

The work displayed here was completed using an altered form of acrylic paint mixed with paint conditioner and water to induce a highly viscous fluid state. This fluid acrylic is then dripped onto an acrylic sheet using pipettes to create abstract human forms discerned from pareidolic interpretations of an initial random splatter pattern and rendered through penumbras of color, and abstraction of the color spectrum into separate gradients that act as surface conditions.


Scarlett Weissman is an emerging multimedia trans artist working out of Bridgeport, CT. She began her artistic journey after teaching herself the art of photography during her high school years. As she began to branch out into real world applications of her artistic yearnings, she attended the Pratt School of Architecture for a brief time, leaving in 2015 to pursue a more visual arts focused. Currently she works with a variety of physical and digital processes to create her work, including fluid acrylics, paint altered to a highly viscous mixture, which utilize pour and drip painting techniques to create large scale abstract paintings, color penumbras, which can abstract surface conditions into various complex color gradients both in physical and digital works, and direct engagements with pareidolia as a way of facilitating forms of unconscious expression.

Exhibition History (CV)

Xplicit IV: Erotic Art Exhibition
House of Shadows
February 2022
House of Shadows
January 2022
Featured Artists Exhibition
November 2021