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Artist Statement

I create art because I am entranced with the very process of creation and where it might lead me and what it might teach me. As I lay down the beginning shapes the magic, for me, begins. The interplay between what I see and how I choose to show it is the start of the journey. The tipping point, where the art of creation takes over from direct observation, is subtle and I sometimes fight it. I find myself standing in the middle of a seesaw, observation vs creation, trying to make it go one way or the other. Suddenly I realize where I am and I let go, I relax. The path forward becomes clear in my mind and I simply need to follow it and create the painting as it needs to be.


Tamara Culp was a practical business major in school interested in global economics, the big picture. Over the years, as a small business owner, that broad view narrowed a bit and she found herself in need of a creative outlet. In 2007 she began crafting jewelry in her spare time and showed at fine art fairs and galleries and eventually began teaching workshops. After moving from Colorado to Florida in 2015 she changed direction and gave up the heavy work fairs required and started drawing, then painting. Next came a plein air group and workshops and mentorships followed by gallery exhibits and commission work.
Tamara continues to grow and create on the Gulf coast of Florida interspersed with visits to her beloved Colorado. She focuses mainly on pastels but also enjoys colored pencil work and watercolors. Zoom workshops and demos are a boon for an artist trying to cram in enough knowledge to support their creativity. Her plan for the immediate future is to enjoy the process.

Exhibition History (CV)

COCO Art Gallery Naples Summer ACSWF Exhibit
Coco Art Gallery Naples
July 2022
June 2022


Award of Merit
Fort Myers Beach Art Association
November 2021