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Jose Gomez



Artist Statement

Life is laced with shadows and emotions. Shadows hide the things we strive to keep from the world around - from both our enemies who hate us the most and those whom we love more than anything. For me, the shadows contain the truth of any matter. The hidden passion beneath the glance. The hidden hunger beneath the passion. The hidden person beneath the persona. My art is oftentimes about uncovering barely enough of the truth to further enhance the intrigue of the visible world. Other times, it violently pushes the curtain away to expose the dark beauty of fantasies that should never be revealed and narratives that should remain locked away.

In both extremes, I find the joy of exploration and resolution. I expose the possibility that things exist in the darkness that directly influence what we see in the light. Old wisdom that has long been forgotten waits patiently to be found. But, most importantly, shared perspectives and experiences are captures in fractions of a second that tell the tales of our own feelings, struggles, regrets, fantasies, and memories. As abundantly, I witness peace, solitude, love, passion, and ecstasy. Sometimes, the two extremes collide in a way that create a visual so rare and intimate that I hesitate to share it. Mostly because they echo my own internal universe, the inner world that hides in my own shadows.

But there is no point in hiding the truths that others already know. Those who understand the messages I have encoded in my artwork are the very people they are created for - people who recognize themselves in the depth of the shadows... who see their story in my images as is they themselves were holding my lens.


Gomez Fine Art represents a passionate, askew view of life as interpreted by photographer, JGomez. Life isn't about straightening every crooked picture. JGomez is fine art photographer based out of Tampa, Florida. After over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of Florida brands, designers, models, makeup artists, stylists, and other photographers as an expert in fashion and runway photographer, he made the decision to pursue fine art photography through the lens his mantra, "feel life".

Constantly pushing his subjects for something the viewer can relate to and tangibly feel, JGomez continues to build on his experience and talent as a fashion photographer, bringing those skills into the world of art. His specialty is in the human form and emotions in light and shadow. One can see influences from Ruth Bernhard, Howard Schatz, Edward Weston, and Richard Avedon in his art work.

Exhibition History (CV)

Unfair Trade
House of Shadows
November 2021
A Nightmare on Kennedy
House of Shadows
October 2021
Zachary Knight
October 2021
Open Format - Photographic Art
House of Shadows
September 2021
Vulva - Deconstructing Femininity
House of Shadows
July 2021
The Invented Self
House of Shadows
June 2021
Auction Test Exhibition
JGomez Fine Art
June 2021
OPEN!: An Exhibition of Fetish
Art of Angels
June 2021
Out of the Dark
House of Shadows
May 2021
House of Shadows
March 2021
Visions de l'érotisme : Expressions of Desire
Art of Angels
November 2020
Xplicit III: Triple Exposure
House of Shadows
August 2020
PureSculpting Centers Tampa
August 2020
Ego: A Creative Self-Portraiture Showcase
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
July 2020
Exposed IV: Explorations
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
July 2020
Ice Kiss
Pour Yours
June 2020
Project Dark Arts Reborn
Roügue Productions
September 2019
Xplicit: Last Night Stand - Erotic Art Showcase
House of Shadows
June 2019
Exposed - A Nude Art Experience & Fine Art Show
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
April 2019
Unbound Art Show
January 2019
Heads In the Cloud
December 2018
Nuestra Historia
Orlando Museum of Art
September 2018
Sugar Art Show
Libertine Fine Art Gallery
July 2018
UPA Gallery
June 2018
Gallery-Z Dali Exhibition
Zodiac Committee
April 2018
2017 Member Show
Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
August 2017
Not Your Father's Art Show 2017
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
August 2017
Manifest Gallery
August 2017
Git Neckid
July 2017
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
June 2017
Studio 617
May 2017
ARTundressed 2017
May 2017
Studio 617
April 2017
Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists
March 2017
Nude Nite Orlando 2017
Nude Nite
February 2017
Three Worlds Collide
November 2015
Files & Film 2015
Xina Scuderi
May 2015
Eye On Fashion Menswear Showcase
The Fashion Movement
March 2015


11th Annual Spider Awards Nomination
The Black & White Spider Awards
January 2017
Juror's Choice Award
Files & Film
May 2015