I Don't Believe In Karma (The Road Of A Man)

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I Don't Believe In Karma (The Road Of A Man), 2022
A Photograph by Apatx

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An unusually heavy representation of karma for a man and for mankind. Much have been said in modern days, quite rightfully, about womanhood and the explotation of women in the Western and Middle eastern, patriarchal societies but not that much about men and the burden of being human as a man. For me, in spite of the struggles that being a man or a woman might convey it is of a limiting view and limited understanding because to be excessively identified with your gender IS JUST identification with the body. For the ones that KNOW that the body is just the enclosure of the ageless, sexless, eternal Spirit we understand that we must fight for gender equality and for what is right but be free from the separations that arises with the overly- materialistic believe that you are just a body. The painting depics an enormous nail coming from the sky above and swirling a storm that comes down to feed an unsuspecting newborn. Is a phallic symbol, Isn't it? Vultures circle in the waiting. A dark road breaks a desolated landscape. A man and his family are separated by it. Yes, we are talking about Thermonuclear war these days. Aren't we?

Available Editions

Limited Edition | Mix media over canvas, 24" x 48" x 2"