The Innocence of Pandora

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The Innocence of Pandora, 2022
A Painting by Apatx

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The Innocence Of Pandora
Oil colors over canvas. Pandora opening the forbidden Jar. Made as an allegory for when Trump won the presidency of the more powerful nation in the world. Pandora was tricked. She never knew what was in the Jar (It was not a box but a pithos meaning "jar"). When she opened it out of curiosity and ignorance sorrow, disease, vice, violence, greed, madness old age, death came out of it. She tried to put the lid back but by then the only thing left inside the jar was hope.

Available Editions

Limited Edition | Mix media over canvas, 24" x 72" x 2"
Limited Edition | Mix media over canvas, 24" x 72" x 2"