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Transcendence, 2022
A Photograph by Apatx

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"Transcendence" Mixed media over canvas. A depiction of a woman meditating and opening her third, inner eye. This painting was created adapting Buddhist iconography seen by the artist in monasteries in the Nubria Valley of Ladakh on the high Himalayan mountains of Northen India. In the painting the Buddha is always on the top, transcending everything. When the woman meditating over the lake opens her inner vision terrible deities symbolizing mental states appears and is her task to recognize and transcend them. They appear copulating as a symbol of the union of opposites in a dualistic world. The eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, the fish, the lotus flower, the banner, the umbrella, the shell, the infinite knot, the jar of perfume and the wheel of karma are on both sides of the Buddha and on the upper hands of the terrible deities. On the bottom, Dakinis offer their vulvas. Is a symbol of attachment to the material (sensual) world and the price to pay (death) symbolized by the garlands of severed human heads they wear. This is not a rejection of sexuality but a warning of the pull of sensuality on the material realm. On the background an Himalayan Landscape opens with lakes and swans on the Kumaon Range foothills below.

Available Editions

Limited Edition | Mix media over canvas, 48" x 72" x 2"