Figure 43

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Figure 43, 2021
A Assemblage Art by Warren Scherer

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Every group or society establishes its own moral code and set of mores based upon the agenda of the majority. Acceptance of an unconventional belief system or conduct that is arbitrarily deemed "deviant" by the general populace necessarily excludes those individuals from that society. This exclusion may result in banishment and isolation that is mandated or self-imposed. Over the past century, modern societies have developed pseudo-sciences (eugenics, craniometry, atavism and criminal anthropology) to legitimize discrimination, imprisonment and persecution of "undesirables". Pseudoscientific data, when presented in the appropriate format and validated by supposed experts is often believable and is an effective method of rationalizing the maintenance of the status quo and the behavior of the moral majority.

Available Editions

Limited Edition | acrylic on canvas with poultry fencing and hinged , 48" x 20" x 1"

Exhibition History

January 2008 | Space 39 Gallery, Fort Myers, FL
June 2000 | St. Petersburg, FL