Physiology of an American Crucifixion

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Physiology of an American Crucifixion, 2021
A Painting by Warren Scherer

No editions of this artwork are available


Prior to digital editing, the photograph was considered the ultimate truism. Journalistic photographic documentation of an event provided the public with a version of reality that was considered acceptable, no matter how artificial or contrived the sequence appears in retrospect. The orchestrated, metaphorical crucifixion of Oswald is portrayed against a familiar and comforting backdrop of traditional Americana. In the temporal sequence of smaller paintings, the hypothetical EKG and PET scans of the victim are depicted as he is theatrically led to his demise. This additional information, if available, would have provided the living room voyeur a dimension of suffering not visible with traditional photography.

Exhibition History

January 2000 | Fusion Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL