Orangeland: Lillian

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Orangeland: Lillian, 2021
A Painting by Warren Scherer

No editions of this artwork are available


After losing her alcoholic, abusive husband of 50 years to a myocardial infarction, "God rest his soul", Lillian decided to make a go of her childhood dream. SHOW BIZ!!! It only cost her half of her life savings to purchase a trailer home and the other half to register with the talent agency in the Gulf coast shantytown of Hudson, Florida. Besides, the nice people at the dance studio assured her that she would become a star.

Orangeland is a metaphor for the Florida that is not advertised in travel brochures or experienced by tourists visiting attractions, beaches and theme parks. It represents the Florida of the exploited and their exploiters, the Florida of human predators and prey. Orangeland examines the situations of the desperate, con-artists, feeble-minded, and elderly as they attempt to navigate the merciless backwaters of a peninsula that lures the gullible with the promise of a sunny, carefree, tropical paradise.

Exhibition History

January 2000 | Conivant Gallery, Tampa, FL