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Orangeland, 2022
A Painting by Warren Scherer

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Orangeland is a metaphor for the Florida that is not advertised in travel brochures or experienced by tourists visiting attractions, beaches and theme parks. It represents the Florida of the exploited and their exploiters, the Florida of human predators and prey. Orangeland examines the situations of the desperate, con-artists, feeble-minded, and elderly as they attempt to navigate the merciless backwaters of a peninsula that lures the gullible with the promise of a sunny, carefree, tropical paradise.

Orangeland #1: Tunnel O' Light
The act of passing through a tunnel is often interpreted as a birth or rebirth. Passage through the proverbial "tunnel of light" is associated with a rebirth into paradise.

Orangeland #2: I ain't a-buyin' yer cigarettes
A rusted landscaping pickup truck and trailer pull into the Circle K. A cachectic woman wearing jean shorts and a tatered black t-shirt emerges, spits on the ground and heads for the door. She turns abruptly and shouts at the driver, "Kevin, git yer ass in here! I ain't a-buyin' yer cigarettes!"

Orangeland #3: Pugman
Pugman loved his pugs more than anything. They were his only family. For years, he slept in the same flea-infested, fetid bed with them inside his pink vinyl-sided mobile home nestled between a pawn shop and a Dunkin' Donuts on U.S. 19. One day, he ate Drano. The dogs fed off his bloated, lifeless body for nine days before the neighbors discovered his half-eaten corpse.

Available Editions

Limited Edition | acrylic, canvas,wood,lighted LED panel, metal duct, 36" x 16" x 1"

Exhibition History

May 2022 | House of Shadows Gallery