Pierre's Salvation

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Pierre's Salvation, 2021
A Painting by Warren Scherer

No editions of this artwork are available


In the early part of the 20th century, a French physician named Pierre Barbet was obsessed with proving that the Shroud of Turin was authentic. He attempted to do this by demonstrating that nails passing through the wrists, as indicated by the wounds depicted on the Shroud, were sufficient to support the weight of a human. He conducted a series of crucifixion "research" experiments in which dismembered cadaver arms were spiked to an experimental apparatus through various locations in the palms and wrists. Force was then applied to the limbs to determine the amount of weight they could hold. He discovered that if a nail were passed through an anatomical space between the carpal bones of the wrist called Destot's Space, it would serve to hold the weight of the crucified. Later in the century, carbon dating proved the shroud to be a hoax. "Pierre's Salvation" examines the futility of faith-based pseudo-science.