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CloudFolios was created to help artists manage and organize every
facet of their artistic career and business with ease.

The Problem / Challenge

Artists Need to Catalog Works

Every time an artist creates a work, there is data that must be cataloged and documented to help identify, exhibit, distribute, and promote the work. Most of the time, artists skip this process because it is highly manual and adequate tools do not exist to help them.

Work Needs to Be Distributed

Art is created for others to see. But, most of the time, artists do not have a way to immediate distribute their work across multiple platforms in a way that immediately allows them to present and sell their work in a way that's fast, easy, and effective.

Art Organizations Need to Manage Exhibits

At the same time, art organizations run thousands of exhibits a year and have the need to collect submissions, curate them, communicate with artists through the process, and generate a number of documents to faciltate the exhibits. This requests unavailable staff and time resources.

Our Approach


Allow Artists to Easily Catalog Their Works

We have created a platform that collects images and all the necessary metadata to properly catalog and distribute information about each work, organized by collections and allowing for editioning, production tracking, online exhibition, and sales.


Exhibit Artwork Online Across Platforms

Each catalog work generates several different ways to distribute the work through web links and social media platforms in a way that is organized, mobile friendly, and ready for audience interaction. The exhibits can be viewed on all popular devices.


Make Calls to Artists Simple

With our online events and exhibit system, art organizations and individual art show promoters can instantly create and announce calls to artist, accepting art within seconds along with all applicable submissions fees. The platform features curation tools and the generate of event collateral.

Our Art Management Software Platform

Artwork Cataloging

We have created a complete system for uploading artwork and cataloging all of its metadata. Works are organized into collections and optimized for all online formats. We also track editions, serial numbers, generate certificates of authenticity and more.

Production Tracking

For digital works, we track the production of physical product separately from the digital files. All produced works are tracked, numbered, and followed through the lifetime of each work. Owners of the works are given an art collector dashbaord to track their art ownership.

Online Exhibition

Artists receive various opportunities for online exhibition including an instantly generated website populated and organized based on their catalog, online work and user galleries, exhibition opportunities by art organizations, and social media sharing tools.

Automated Online Sales

Selling art has never been so easy as through our platform. We provide artists with a complete art sales platform for process automated art sales through online and social media referrals as well as point of sales tools for face-to-face sales processing.

Art Transfer Tracking

We provide one of the first and only tools in the world that tracks art creation, transfer, donation, sales, theft, and even destruction. Produced works receive a unique serial number that can be used to search our public ledger and report on the status and history of an individual work.

Art Exhibit Management

We provide one of the simplest ways for art organizations and art show producers to create calls to artists, collect submissions and fees, curate by individual or group, communicate with submitting artists, and generate all of the collateral needed to run their exhibits.

Our Leadership Team

Jose Gomez, Jr.

Founder / President

CloudFolios was developed and launched by entreprenur and photographic artist, Jose Gomez. Jose's is able to draw from his extensive online business background as well as through his art career and various founder/board positions in the art world to continually expand the platform.

Carl Treleaven

CFO / Chairman

Carl Treleaven is an entrepreneur, author, strong supporter of various non-profits, and entrepreurial ventures. He is CEO of Westlake Ventures, Inc., a company with diversified investments in printing and software. Carl has a background as a CPA and holds numerous patents. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster.

Miquela Gonzalez

Community Director

Miquela applies her marketing skills to help build CloudFolios by working with artists, collectors, and art organizations. She promotes the CloudFolios brand and services, manages /monitors the social media accounts to advance the CloudFolios platform.

Erik Brignoni

Custom Experience Director

Erik manages client experience and support, working with artists, collectors, and art organizations to ensure that our platform is easy to use and bug-free. He comes with experience supporting thousands of clients through his leadership in various website and software companies.

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