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Manage & Organize Exhibitions

Quickly and easily created Call to Artists pages that allow artists to submit to your shows and exhibits. CloudFolios handles the entire submission process, collects submission fees, and allows for online curation by one or more judges and curators. Export tag information, art sign in sheets, and more.

Reach & Curate Artists

User our platform to find new artists to add to your collections or to invite to your events and exhibits. CloudFolios is quickly becoming one of the largest platforms for established and emerging artists in the world. Let us announce your calls to artist to our membership and make your job easier.

Manage & Organize Collections

Upload and manage your own private collections through our easy-to-use cataloging system. Organize your searchable collection by folios, including editions and pricing, and then publish a portion or your entire collection online through your own exhibitor page as well as your own website.

CloudExhibit™ Platform

NEW!! Now, CloudFolios gives art organizations and exhibiting artists the ultimate platform for showcasing, selling, and interacting LIVE with your visitors called CloudExhibit™ - included in our Exhibit Membership!

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A platform with tools to help you create, announce, curate, and manage your calls to artist and exhibits

Create Calls to Artist

Announced your exhibit and calls to artist through CloudFolios and run your entire submission process online. Set submission limits, fees, and curators to run everything from one place.

Complete Curation System

CloudFolios has one of the only tools that allows for single or group curation using several curation models, including voting and scoring. Realtime curation allows for easy decision-making.

Generate Exhibit Print Materials

Once your call is finalized, CloudFolios generates printable PDFs such as artist contact lists, reference sheets, art sign-ins, artwork ID tags, and wall tags on various Avery templates.

Artist E-mail Notifications

Along with instant e-mail notifications to submitting artists when curation is completed, schedule broadcast e-mails to deliver additional details such as art drop off and important information.

Collect Submission Fees

CloudFolios supports the online collection of exhibit fees included in the Exhibit level. We charge submitting artists a small 5% fee and a flat 3% fee to pay for processing. You keep the rest.

Automatic Online Exhibit

You control if and when an online version of your curated exhibit is shown online. Set your online exhibit to show live submission, curated works, displayed works after the exhibit, or none at all.


Organize and share your artwork with the world. No credit card required. Free for artists for life.