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Pro Membership | Features

Online Sales

Use our point of sale system to record and process sales from clients instantly. Credit card processing is provided automatically and transfers recorded to the Public Ledger.

Online Gallery Sales

Online visitors can purchase your art through our online gallery and your CloudFolios artist site. Your site is automatically created and each work entered into our gallery.

Enhanced Business Support

Our Exhibit level is built for to provide more support for artist and collectors who are looking to sell their artwork in addition to exhibiting on- and off-line. When you mean business, Exhibit is your level.

Art Career Management

Document and manage career related information such as an Artist Statement, Curriculum Vitae (CV-Exhibition History), Biography and awards.

Art Inventory

Identify and browse through your physically produced artworks / products. Keep track of artwork sold and transferred to you by other artists.

List Exports

Export printable references of your entire body of work, organized by collections or just export a specific collection for your records.

Website Integation Tools

We've created widgets that you can plug into any website to feed your collection of works to your website. Manage it all from one place.

Art Transfer Tracking

Transfer produced from your Art Inventory to clients, artists, galleries, and collectors will full records maintained in the Public Ledger.

Enhanced Artist/Collector Support

Exhibit is designed for artist and collectors who want more than just the free catagloging services CloudFolios Free offers - more tools to track their careers.

Unlimited Uploading

CloudFolios does not limit or charge you by the amount you upload. With unlimited uploads, you can organize and keep track of more.

Editions & Produced Works

Create and track original, reproduced and available editions. Copy edition information across your entire collection for lightning fast cataloging.

Exhibitions and Awards

Keep track of awards and exhibits your works have show in. All of this information is displayed for you and everyone who sees your work on CloudFolios.

Submit to Artist Calls

Find & submit to artist calls, competitions, and portfolio reviews submitted by other members and organizations on the CloudFolios Platform.

Public Gallery

Browse through user uploaded work across various mediums from artists all of over the world. Connect with other artists socially.

Public Ledger

All produced work that is added to your CloudFolios account is logged and given a unique serial number for tracking throughout its lifetime.

Sales Enabled! We work to sell your art as an online marketplace and gallery. Sales commission is 10% (plus 3% for processing). Eliminate this commission.

Catalog your artwork and collections. Preserve your legacy.
Organize and track all of your artwork into collections known as Folios.

Start Uploading and Sharing Your Artwork

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Organize and share your artwork with the world. No credit card required. Free for artists for life.