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CloudFolios CloudExhibit™ Tutorial for Art Organizations

Learn about how to host your own online art exhibits or virtual exhibits using CloudFolios' CloudExhibit platform. With CloudExhbit, you can create an exhibit, manage your call to artists, curate and sequence your online art exhibit, and interact live during your online exhibit opening. We walk you through all the steps to make your next online art exhibit a success.

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Running a CloudExhibit™ as an Art Organization, Exhibit Organizer, or Artist

CloudFolios is the only platform in the world that allows for such a robust online art exhibit we call a CloudExhibit. With CloudExhibit, you can organize a call to artists, accept online submissions and submission fees, curate the submissions with one or many curators, communicate with submitting artists, finalize the accepted and rejected submissions, and publish the entire exhibit online in our CloudExhibit space.

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CloudFolios Enables Artists, Art Galleries, and Museums to Launch Live Virtual Art Exhibits Amidst Coronavirus Shutdowns

Online art and exhibit management software provider CloudFolios has announced the launch of its new virtual art exhibit technology, enabling artists, art galleries, and museums to host live online exhibits as they experience complete shutdown of their physical presence for months.

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General Overview of CloudFolios

Learn more about our platform for cataloging, exhibiting, selling, and even distributing your art online. For art organizations and those running exhibits, our software enables online calls to artist and curation across unlimited curators. Learn more by watching our video.

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CloudFolios Art Inventory

Learn about how CloudFolios can help artists and art collectors to keep track of their art inventory, complete with the ability to sell, gift, transfer works and even record/report art theft.

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CloudFolios Art Brand Management

With CloudFolios, you can manage multiple art brands with one account. Learn more about how to create, edit, and assign art brands to different folios.

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ClloudFolios Account Settings Overview

Learn about CloudFolios' account settings and what each setting does to optimize your usage of our platform.

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Managing Art Career Information with CloudFolios

Learn how to manage your artist bio, general artist statement, CV, and awards through CloudFolios' ground-breaking set of online tools. It's never been easier to keep track of your art career.

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CloudFolios Folio Settings

Learn about CloudFolios' main feature - the folio - which allows you to group artwork by collection, series, or arbitrary grouping. Then, CloudFolios allows you to publish your artwork through a variety of settings we demonstrate in this video.

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Enabling Your CloudFolios Artist Website

All artists and art collectors on the CloudFolios platform receive a free artist website to exhibit, sell, and distribute their artwork. Watch this video to learn more about how easy it is to enable your free artist website.

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